Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Well, I just could not find the time today to take my yellow photos for Colour Week. It was a beautiful day so Linus and I spent a lot of time out and about. I picked up a few groceries from Planet Organic and when we arrived back home I decided to make some fresh lemonade. I added mint leaves and strawberries for some refreshing flavor and oh me oh my, it was nummy! My mom surprised us with a little visit. She walked over with Sadie and Jedi, so they were all very happy to have an ice cold glass too. I say 'all' because Sadie managed to pull herself up to the coffee table and take a few sips from Jedi's cup before we caught her. Little sneaker...
I was able to post a couple of these lemon yellow photos on the Colour Week Flickr group, so I wasn't a total failure.


  1. mmmmm! this looks sooo tasty! thanks for sharing!!

    allister bee blog

  2. Ah this gorgeous and refreshing :)

  3. this looks delicious! i want to go make it right now!! too bad i am at work. maybe later.
    ps. i LOVE your pitcher!

  4. Thank you! My grandmother gave me the pitcher. I love it so much, but the handle is cracked and I worry about it breaking...

  5. Ooh, that looks good! I think I'll try it out this weekend, I can use the mint in my garden.