Right Now...

Right now, I am...
smelling the peonies that fill my home.
listening to my June mix tape.
cleaning constantly.
sipping a cup of earl grey tea and thinking about pouring it over ice instead.
planning a trip to Vancouver. Perhaps to attend a wedding and a concert this time!
feeling sore all over from the ravine hike my mom and I took with the kiddos yesterday...
finding a cheerio stuck to my dress. 
scratching the mosquito bites on my arm.
looking through old photos of our trip to San Francisco with 4 month old Jedi. The last three   photos above were taken there.
wanting desperately to plan another trip to SF with Evan and Linus.
taking pictures of our home while Linus naps.
being inspired by my Home Sweet Home pin board. I can't wait to start decorating our new home.
hoping for a thunderstorm this evening.
deciding on lasagna for dinner.
painting a bouquet of wild flowers.
hearing the pitter patter of little feet making their way down stairs.
smiling at the insane bedhead my boy has.
wishing you all a lovely Thursday!

(inspired by Soulemama)


  1. Adorbs. Who is getting married in Vancouver? Jedi looks just like Sadie.

  2. You look stunning in that photo Krystin:)