Mix Tape- June!

Another little mix tape for you on this lovely Summer solstice! What a beautiful day it's been. I love the lingering smell of a good thunderstorm. The sun is shining now, pretty blooming peonies are scattered around my home, I had two cuties over to dance and play in the yard with me and Linus, and our house is cleaner and more organized than It's ever been. Now I'm just soaking up the stillness here and looking forward to a little evening stroll with my sugar snap pea loving, diaper bummed, whispered secret telling, freshly napped two year old...before the bedlam of selling our house and moving to a new one hits us. Enjoy the mix and take pleasure in the simple things this Summer.

I am so in love with the first song on the mix. Clementine by Sarah Jaffe.

I wish my name was Clementine, too.
I also want to quickly share this video because I couldn't find the song on Grooveshark. It's 2% by Ezza Rose (another beautiful name that I might just have to give my future baby girl...).

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