Dream Job

 Oh, how I dream of opening up my own little gift & clothing boutique someday. Somewhere really pretty with plenty of sunlight shining through the windows. I've always dreamed of doing something like this since I was small, like most of us I'm sure, but I've recently become a little obsessed with the idea. 
I'm so inspired by sweet little shops like Room6. All the photos above are taken from their online shop/blog. I always take the time to stop by whenever I'm in Vancouver. It's in Deep Cove, a dreamy little spot in North Van, nestled between the mountains and the ocean. Their humble little boutique is filled with the most delightful items. They support handmade and independant designs. They have plenty of stuff for little ones, books, clothing, jewelry, paper goods, affordable art, housewares and all that good stuff. The ladies there are always so kind and seem ever so happy. They recently made a pretty little video for their shop, too. I just love the idea of creating a beautiful space filled with all sorts of unique finds. I think it could be such a fun and creative business. Maybe someday...


  1. I have dreamed of this (especially lately as well) too! I even dream up names for my 'shop' and write them in my idea journal :) I introduced myself on your friday post- I hope you got it! I'm very happy to meet ya :)
    xo, crystal

  2. Hi Crystal!
    I was doing the exact same thing yesterday while out for a walk- Thinking up names for my future shop. Too funny.
    So nice to meet a fellow Albertan Blogger!

  3. I do this too! Visualization is the best motivator. Unfortunately most of the store premises in my city came down in the earthquake so I'm not in the best place to follow that dream. Room 6 is SO adorable. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. That shop looks great! Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, that's where I'd like to be :) Dreams can come true you know, so hold on to this.