Biggy Littles

 Now that Sadie can crawl she thinks she can do pretty well anything... Like climb the stairs, play with big kid toys, eat Linus' apple slices, read all the books in the bookshelf, play the harmonica, ride a horse, arrange flowers... The list goes on and on. She thinks she's big when really she's still just lil' and can't do all the things Linus and Jedi can. Poor babe... She's been bonking her bobble head so much more often. She sure is thrilled about her newly mobile self though. Life is a lot less frustrating these days and happy squeals can be heard throughout the house as she makes her way from one shiny new object to the next. It's really quite exciting and it brings me back to when Linus was a chubby little bean crawling from cheerio to cheerio...
Linus has some exciting news too. He's been riding around our yard on his shiny new trike. He hops on and off all by himself and he even pushes the pedals every now and then! As you can see, we might have a bit of a daredevil on our hands.... I might have to go all George Bluth on him and teach him a few "lessons". Oh, and don't worry, he does have a helmet and he does wear it.


  1. Sadie is so adorable! I can't wait to meet her next weekend! Loving Linus on his trike with his Toms!

  2. Sadie's a doll and I'm happy she's walkin'! :) so much exploration! All these new things she can do..it's a blessing to grow.

    And yay to Linus! I can't even ride a bike so I'm jealous! Hahaha that's so cute that he has TOMS on too! :)