Backyard Bliss

A tiny glimpse at what our days have been like this week. My mom, Jedi and Sadie come over quite often to relax and play in the backyard. The boys draw with chalk, kick around soccer balls and drench each other with the hose while Sadie prefers to relax on the blanket and suck on what ever she can reach. I've got a nice little garden growing now and I planted a few pretty flowers to add some colour. I'll post more photos soon. It's looking so lovely and we're spending so much time out of doors now. We are going to set up the hammock tomorrow so we can really take it easy this June.Jedi always manages to loose his pants somehow and often becomes a "gorgeous rock star!"(his words). He turned our deck into a stage the other day and while he was rocking out on the tiger guitar, Linus was walking around behind him with his head down. He can be such a Charlie Brown at times... They are so different from one another and make the most hilarious duo. I'm just so glad they have each other.


  1. Seeing Jedi, Linus, and Sadie together always makes me go "awww" lol! :) and rock star he is hahaha xD lovin' the plastic electric.

  2. So adorable! :) So glad i found your blog! if you're interested i have an awesome giveaway going on!

    xox, Eden