Oh mah goodness! Sadie can crawl! She really can! I'm oh so proud of her. Guess she thinks she's big now. It happened while I was babysitting, thank you very much. She was sitting in one spot on the floor, then all of the sudden she was in a completely different spot and eating all my magazines! I grabbed a baby mum mum and placed it a few feet away. She crawled right to it and gobbled it up as I attacked her with kisses. I made sure to take a few videos of her in action to show my mom when she arrived. I'll post one soon!
So that's the news of the week. Very exciting stuff. Yesterday I had my Grandma, my mom, Jedi and Sadie over for lunch. Jedi asked if he and Linus could paint for a while in the kitchen after lunch. This is what we found a few minutes later...

I was so in love with their paintings that I didn't even care about the paint all over the fridge door and the floor. You do whatever it takes to make beautiful art. We were also able to get all three babes to make hand prints for an upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration that we are attending this month. I love the way they turned out. They made the one below for my mom to frame for her new house. She's moving to a beautiful house in one of my favorite neighborhoods. It's bittersweet though because I'll no longer be within walking distance...

We cleaned up the babes and Jedi decided he wanted to take a bath. Linus didn't join him(He's a shower guy), but Sadie tried to jump in a few times.

He's a fish. I just love to have these cute schmubs over.


  1. Congrats to Sadie!! :D crawling will mean lots more exploration!

    And she looks really cute in the tub photo haha :)

  2. what a lovely post.

    hugs Conny

    Very sweet pics.