A very wonderful and windy weekend.

We spent most of the weekend in our back yard. We picked up a few plants for our garden, Put together a little playhouse for Linus that was given to him by his Gramma Goo, and cleaned the yard yet again... We've been having a ridiculous amount of wind here over the past few days, so our yard is always a mess. Pine cones and tree branched have covered our lawn and our little paper lanterns are blowing all over the place. I really hope this wind dies down soon so that we can actually enjoy the sunny weather we've been having. We're craving some family bike rides and I have a lot of planting that needs to get done. It doesn't seem to be too windy right now, so Linus and I might have to get out for a little walk to the park! On Saturday, after enjoying pancakes and a few slices of watermelon for breakfast we cleaned the house and prepared for the little party we were throwing the next evening. Evan and I were gifted tickets to the Ballet from my Grandma for that night so, we dressed up and met with my auntie Kerri and niece Kiara at the ballet. It was absolutely beautiful. I took ballet lessons from the age of 3 up until I was 18 and found myself aching to leap across the stage with them( as if I could...) They made what would seem impossible look completely effortless. Their bodies were so perfectly sculpted and their movements were so smooth. I love ballet... Afterwards, Evan and I went out for a drink and a quick bite. We had a fantastic time together. We laughed till it hurt. He still gives me butterflies. As wonderful a time as we had, we were both so excited to get back to our boy who was hanging out with his grandparents.

We invited my family over on Sunday evening for a combined birthday shindig for Linus and Evan. We have a humble little home and about 25 people in my family, so we were planning on setting up our lawn furniture along with some extra tables and chairs in the backyard in order to fit everyone comfortably. Unfortunately the wind was just too much to bare so we brought all the chairs inside to enjoy a more intimate celebration.
My mom made the most amazing cookie cakes. Linus and Evan blew out their candles (with a little help from each other) and received so many fantastic gifts. My family is so generous. Linus made sure to say thank-you and kiss everyone. We decided to spend a little bit of time outside while the kids tried desperately to break into the most durable, strawberry shaped pinata I've ever encountered. The stick ended up breaking before the pinata and we actually had to tear the thing open in order to get at all the goodies inside. We totally cheated... Next time I'll be making my own out of paper mache.

And so... even though things didn't quite go as planned it ended up being one truly wonderful weekend. We're lucky to be surrounded by so many loving people. Thanks for making our lives sweeter than a giant candy filled strawberry.


  1. Looks like some tasty cake! Glad the weekend was well. Happy Monday! :-)

  2. Hahaha your husband's face in that one photo lol! Those moments are priceless : )

    Also I'm glad you guys had a good bday party! That cake looks amazing and very, very cookie-like haha

  3. And a wonderful weekend it was. Great party, great food, great hostess and lots of fun. Love you, GG