Tulips + Swimming Lessons

Evan came home on Saturday with a big beautiful bunch of tulips and a gift certificate for a 90 minute massage at my favorite spa. Oh, he's a wonderful husband. I just love the colour of the tulips he picked out. If you're curious about those pretty jars in the picture with the flowers, be sure to check out Lindy's blog on May 17th. I'm contributing a little DIY post while she's on vacation.

We had a pretty busy weekend... Friday evening was spent at Evan's parents house. We often have dinner with them on Friday. Linus always has so much fun playing toys with his grandpa. Evan had to work on Saturday while I babysat Jedi and Sadie. On Sunday morning we took Linus to his swimming lessons. Evan took him in for the first time instead of me. I was able to sit and watch,drink my coffee and snap a few pictures. It was really nice being able to watch him in the pool. It's a completely different view and at one point I was a little overwhelmed by just how much he's grown. I'm so proud of him. I know that in no time, he'll be going into that pool alone and I'll have a permanent spot on the bench.
After leaving the pool we stopped by Evan's parents house for a delicious Mothers Day brunch. Cinnamon buns, bacon, eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, croissants, juice and coffee. Pure joy! Linus loved it all, but quickly became too tired which lead to a little tantrum. He normally goes down for a nap right after his swimming lessons. I managed to calm him down with a little mama and Linus 'away time'. We decided to head home a bit early so that Linus could nap before heading to my aunts house for a lovely potluck dinner with my family. All the mamas were showered with gifts and flowers. She lives in a really pretty neighborhood and the weather was so perfect, so Evan and I took Linus out for a short walk in between dinner and dessert. Twas wonderful!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful! Your hubby has good taste! And that sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day :) I'm glad Linus is learning how to swim!! I can't so I'm jealous! xD

  2. Tulips are one of my fave flowers they are so pretty. I started taking my little girl to the pool :)