Right Now...

We had a pretty wonderful weekend. Spent a lot of time outdoors. Farmers markets and craft fairs. A birthday party and smores. Bike rides and family dinners. Tantrums and books on raising toddlers... May flew by as usual... June is right around the corner! Today I plan on soaking in this last day of May- my favorite month.

Right now, I am...
marveling at my little Linus who turned 2 last week!
being challenged- and entertained- by the music Jedi and Linus are making.
smelling the lilac scented breeze through my bedroom window.
• noticing the watercolor paint splattered all over the baseboards.
• feeling warm and wet on my knee all of the sudden... yep, Sadie peed on me again.
listening to kindlewood.
• calming a teary eyed boy.
• making a few new necklaces to add to the shop.
• finishing my cup of coffee.
reading this article and finding it very interesting.
Pinning this for Sarah Jackson.
• rejoicing over my lovely little garden!
• seeing flowers bloom every day.
• kissing the top of Sadie's head.
• wondering when our next road trip will be.
• wanting to go for another family bike ride this evening.
• looking forward to visiting with Ray and Jo this week.
• loving the pretty new shirt I bought from the Royal Bison Craft fair last weekend.
• thinking about going for a walk to the park.
• hoping we have enough sunblock.
• wishing you much simple pleasure in your coming day!
(inspired by Soulemama)


  1. I totally forgot about the craft fair! I hope there's another one soon. I love the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market, I'm hoping this weekend we can make it to the downtown one...

  2. You really make it so easy to feel your day! I'm glad things have been busy yet wonderful.

    And awe Sadie lol