Our Wednesday

After dropping off a few necklaces at The Beauty Parlour on Whyte ave today, Linus and I met up with my good friend Sarah. We had brunch at Two Rooms cafe. Linus enjoyed some cinnamon french toast with raspberries and whipped cream...It was so delish! It wasn't very busy at all so Linus was able to walk around between bites and dance to a few Fleetwood Mac songs.
We walked down Whyte ave a bit too. I bought a few books, drooled over a pair shoes at gravity Pope, and Linus made a few friends.We were walking by a group of buskers and Linus just loved the beet of the Djembe drum and immediately started to dance! Sarah and I had the opportunity to dance to Djembe players during one of out African dance classes and she loved it so much that she went out and bought her own. Her and Linus had a blast dancing together to the music. It was so sweet and the buskers were so kind. They let him play with a few of their instruments and thanked Linus for making their day. Linus of course thanked them back! He's a good boy.
After Linus' nap and once Evan arrived home from work, we decided to head over to check out the new Enjoy Centre. We were hoping to grab some dinner there too, but the restaurant wasn't open yet. The centre was really quite lovely and I'm looking forward to visiting again later this month. Hopefully it will be finished. Unfortunately I was only able to take one quick picture before my camera battery died... We didn't even make it into the centre, so I'll really have to get back soon to take some pictures of all the beautiful plants and flowers. Linus loved running around and pointing out all the pretty colours. "Das red! Das purple! Das ornch! Das geen! Das red!". The centre is like one giant green house. It's light, open, well thought out and it smells fantastic. I can't wait to go back and pick out some pretty plants and flowers for my little garden.
We didn't stay long because we were all hungry, so we picked up some pizza from Famoso and enjoyed it on our deck in the backyard with a couple of beers. Linus got to run around with daddy afterwards and throw balls at mama... They're a couple of charmers. I expect a really great gift for Mothers Day.
All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day. I'm off to cuddle in bed with my sweet boys now. No post tomorrow as I have a pottery class during the day and plans for the evening. I'll be back here Friday with another 'This Moment" post.

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  1. That sounds like a truly wonderful day! And your Linus isn't shy! That's great he just loves dancing and meeting people (with you around of course!) lol

    Btw - good taste with Fleetwood Mac haha! And gosh seriously, every time I read your blog you have good food on here...I have a raspberry bush in my garden, but it's way too early (and cold) still for it even bloom!