Mix Tape- May!

* This is not the original playlist from May. I had a little trouble while I was making June's mix and now they are the same... Sorry! I will fix it when I find the time.

**UPDATE!** I just can't figure out what all the songs were originally... Here are the few I know for sure:
1. A New Dawn- Followed by Ghosts
2. Relief- Sam Amidon
3. Lost In My Mind- The Head and the Heart
4. Harmony to my Heartbeat- Sally Seltmann
5. Grown Ocean- Fleet Foxes
6. Sweet Louise- The Belle Brigade
7. Your California Sky- Will Stratton
8. Human Qualities- Explosions in the Sky

(photo by Marco Suarez)

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  1. I love this :)

    these picks are perfect for me right now