May Flowers

There have been far too many sweet moments this week to share just one. We've been spending our days outside as the weather is warm and the flowers are blooming around us. We took a trip to the Enjoy garden centre a few days ago to pick up some seeds and plants for my little vegetable garden. I'm so excited about it. I would like to go back to pick up a few pretty flower baskets as well.

We had Sadie and Jedi over quite a bit this week. Oh I just love them! I babysat Ms. Buttons a couple of days ago and took her out and about with Linus and I. She became my baby for the day and Linus thought it was hilarious. He just kept laughing over the fact that she was coming with us everywhere. I guess he thought I would just leave her at some point. She is just the happiest little bub. Always smiling and babbling about something. She's very close to being able to crawl now. I really think it will be any day.

We've also been going for evening walks after dinner. It's been so lovely with all the blooming flowers. Now if only these stupid mosquitoes would bugger off. Our poor boy has like ten bites on his head and I feel so awful. They don't seem to bother him at all, but they look pretty terrible. Jedi has less bites than Linus, but he swells up like crazy. Notice his swollen cheek in the above photo... that was one mean mosquito.

My dad, step mom Hemsa and baby brothers, Elias and Zane are in town this weekend. I'm excited to see them. The boys have been promised a trip to Galaxy Land and then we'll be getting together for a little birthday celebration for Linus. His birthday is only six days away! I just can't believe it...

Have a lovely little weekend! I'll be back in this space next week with some more adorable pictures and a few pretty new necklaces.


  1. Beautiful post :) love the apple blossom and wee little ones... here's to a lovely weekend

  2. I think Sadie is very cute. From Lulu

  3. Those are some gorgeous photos!