I ♡ Etsy- A Birthday Shin Dig!

We'll be throwing quite a few birthday shin digs at our place this month and I've been searching for a little inspiration. I still haven't really settled on any themes, But I have come across a few delightful things on Etsy that are giving me some ideas...

These pretty vintage paper balls are absolutely lovely, but they have been sold out for a while now... I would love to find/make something similar...
Something like this would do just fine!
I'm smitten with this vintage linens string of flags by dottieangel. I've made my own fabric banners in the past but I'm thinking I might have to give in and snatch one of these up! I just love the pretty vintage fabric!
I adore these chocolate filled toadstools. So Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!These paper pinwheels made from vintage maps would be fun.Spring green striped paper straws!This pretty blue wired pom pom trim would add a super cute touch to my gift wrap.
Cake Bunting is a must!Vintage inspired loot bags!I think these Spring tulip hard candy lollipops would be a sweet addition to the loot bag. They match!
and I've kind of always loved these fortune telling fish, so they would have to be included in the loot bags.This last image isn't from Etsy, but I'm also hoping to make a pretty pinata like the one below... Fun fun!


  1. This would be the most retro-inspired, spring-like, Etsified birthday ever! :)

  2. I started reading your blog several weeks ago. I think I linked over from Elsie's (maybe?). And I must say, I love Sappy Apple! Your look and your tone, the fact that I can't figure your family out and who is who, which child belongs to whom- I love all this. You all seem like one happy family of friends and siblings.
    Not to mention, you make everything look beautiful.
    O, and I now know of and love the Morning Benders.
    The necklaces in your shop are lovely and I hope to acquire one soon.
    Keep up the good work you lovely Apple, you!


  3. I think Christine said it perfectly!! I love your blog as well- and I am so happy to see these beautiful birthday things today; My youngest daughter will be turning 3 in 2 days and it seems like exactly all these things have been on my mind!!! Lovely lovely! I'm going to attempt to make one of those awesomely cool cake buntings :)

    Megan K.

  4. Thank you all so much! What kind comments. I'm so thrilled you're enjoying my little updates. I'll always continue to post about the sweet littles in my life and Christine, I really love putting together the mix tapes each month so, i'm glad you found something you really love. The Morning Benders are truly wonderful!
    Happy 3rd Birthday to your little one Megan! Isn't May such a lovely month for a birthday?

  5. Love the loot bags and the fish made me giggle! Looks fun!