EmersonMade Love...

I came across EmersonMade quite a while ago and instantly fell in love. My sweet husband gifted me the amazing dress shown above for my birthday a few months ago and it's by far my favorite piece of clothing that I own, other than maybe my wedding dress... It's flattering, well made, the fabric feels amazing against my skin, I simply love it. I went a little EmersonMade crazy for our wedding too... It started with the White & Ivory Flower Chain Necklace, which I still believe to be the most lovely necklace I've ever seen. I still swoon over it all the time. Next was my pretty flower clutch. I had no idea what to expect and I thought I might need to keep a few things on me like a bobby pin or some powder. I didn't really because I was able to keep everything in my little dressing room, but it was nice to have at the end of the night when Evan and I were leaving.

Then, after trying out a few bird cage veils and flower crowns I decided I wanted something simple. I bought this sweet 3" Wild Rose Hair Clip and it was exactly the look I was going for. No fuss and i loved the way it looked with the necklace. Well, as I was perusing the website, I also came across these splendid little Shoe Clips. I had been having the most difficult time trying to find the right footwear to go with my dress and I knew that these little flowers would pretty up any pair of shoes, so I gave in... It was as if Emerson knew exactly what was going on in my head. I'm all about the little details.
Emerson's gorgeous farm house has been featured on Design Sponge, and I recently came across this EmersonMade studio tour. She also has a charming little blog called 'An Apple A Day' full of stunning photos. Here are a few photos from our wedding that I came across while picking out the ones of me showing off my EmersonMade lovelies. I love looking through all the photos from that wonderful day. These ones are making me smile and giving me a serious craving for cake. You can see a few more of our wedding photos here!

(Photos taken by Melia of Lucida Photography)

It's election time here now and I'm off to vote!


  1. Your wedding pictures are just beautiful! and those little peg cake toppers are PRECIOUS!


  2. Great post, sweet photos, wonderful all around!

  3. Ah EmersonMade is awesome! :) They really do have gorgeous stuff. I totally didn't recognize your necklace was from there lol!