Bubs & Blooms

The little bit of rain we've been having here was exactly what my tulips needed. They bloomed over night and it was such a delightful surprise to wake up to. I think they look lovely.
We had my baby siblings, Jedi and Sadie, over again yesterday and Linus had a jolly good time. He and Jedi spent a lot of time throwing balls around the house and down the stairs and onto my cluttered desk... They were having so much fun that they didn't even paint any pictures or play their instruments. I guess sometimes it's just funner to throw things at other things... Sadie enjoyed watching the boys and the balls fly by around her. She was getting pretty excited by it all. Sadie is learning to wave bye bye and she's working on crawling by rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Linus loves to look after her. He makes sure Jedi doesn't get too rough or accidentally bonk her. Not that Jedi really does. He's a very loving big brother. Linus just likes to take special care of her. He'll often take a moment to check on her, to rub her head and bring her some baby toys. He really likes having a sweet little baby around.

I'm heading over to The Beauty Parlour with my friend Sarah today to drop off a couple more necklaces! So, if your in Edmonton and on Whyte ave hoping to find something handmade and pretty, head on over!


  1. Tulips are lovely flowers :)

    and Sadie has to cutest, big, brown eyes!

  2. Hey! We have that same red ball. In fact we have two because they're just so darn cool! : )