I babysat Jedi and Sadie Button yesterday morning. We spent most of the time in the back yard. Sadie and I hung out on a picnic blanket while Jedi and Linus drew with sidewalk chalk, explored and threw a few balls around. It was just the most beautiful day. So sunny and warm. We've been waiting a very long time for this.
Linus and I continued to spend most of the day outside. I had to run a few errands with him while he napped, but after Evan arrived home and we ate some dinner we quickly got back out into the backyard. I got the bubble machine up and running. Linus absolutely loved it! He had so much fun trying to catch all the bubbles, chasing them around and letting them pop on his nose. Evan and I cleaned up the yard. I pulled up a crap load of weeds while Evan raked up pine cones galore and we cleaned off the deck. We're hoping to spend a lot of time out there now. We will be eating our dinners out there, roasting marshmallows, reading on the hammock, frolicking and gardening the day away.
Linus often visits with Jerome, Jerome the Gnome.

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