Bouncy Balls

I really really love bouncy balls. I had a pretty large collection of them when I was little and I used to just love to toss them down the stairs of our house all at once. It was total chaos! So loud with all the balls bouncing off the walls and the doors. I would often get one in the eye, but that wouldn't stop me from quickly gathering them all up and tossing them down again.
I was so excited to find this post via HonestlyWTF and of course had to share-
Do you remember that commercial that aired a few years ago involving hundreds of thousands of colorful bouncy balls wildly bouncing down the steep streets of San Francisco? Not only was it balls to the wall amazing, it was 110% real! And honestly, who doesn’t love bouncy balls? Danish photographer Peter Funch was there to capture the impressive spectacle.


  1. Ahhh I watched that and I have one word for it: BRILLANT!

    Though I thought about the clean up for that afterwards hahaha

    have you seen Sony's commercial with the thread spools too?

  2. i LOVE this! I can't believe I had never seen this commercial...what I would give to have worked on the set of this...

    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. Cindy, I did watch the one with the thread spools. Sucha cool idea!

  4. It was so pretty! :) If I was looking out my window and saw that...hahaha I'm not sure what I would do lol!