A wishlist for the boy...


These are just a few things on Linus' birthday wish list. He will be turning two on May 26th! Isn't that completely insane... Evan's birthday is May 17th and I've been trying to get a wish list out of him for a couple weeks now... I'll make him come up with something tonight. My family tends to buy all of their gifts weeks/months in advance and they're starting to freak out. So am I... I have no idea what to get for him! I'm starting to think about party ideas now too. I would really like to throw a backyard birthday party for both of them, but will it be warm enough? fingers crossed!
Our poor baby boy has a nasty fever again today. I really thought we were in the clear as far as sickness goes. It's breaking my heart. We were up all night with a boiling hot boy. He was talking so loudly in his sleep and he would wake up every 5 minutes to talk to us about random things and to have sips of water. He was so shaky... It was awful. I took him to see our doctor earlier today, but he couldn't find anything seriously wrong so hopefully the little shmoo can fight off whatever it is fast. We're supposed to be heading to Vancouver tomorrow for the long weekend... He's been drinking a ton of water and hasn't lost his appetite yet. I've been able to keep the fever down with medicine and he's been resting on the couch all day. We both had to miss out on fun times today. He was going to be going to a little Easter party with Jedi at my auntie Kerri's house while I went to my pottery class. Bummer! I don't mind cuddling him all day though. He's the sweetest little puddin' pop even when he's feeling awful. He made everyone smile at the doctors office today. He was just so polite and adorable in his comfy black leggings, cozy hoody and little green moccasins. He said "tank-you!" and "ab a nye day!" and he kept looking for chicken in my purse. I've never had chicken in my purse before so I blame the fever. They gave him a funny monkey sticker and he has yet to peel it off his belly. He points at it every now and then. I'm steaming some broccoli and baking some chicken nuggets for him now. Hopefully the combination of that, and a series of ridiculous dance moves followed by flopping down onto the floor and saying "bonk" will bring out a dimple or two in those delicious cheeks of his.

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  1. Your love for your son really makes me happy and hopeful about parenthood one day :)

    also it's uber cute about the whole chicken in your purse thing lol!! I hope he gets better soon and the party planning works out!