Our Weekend

We had a pretty lovely weekend. Friday was game night at our house with a few of our friends. Evan's brother Dave brought the game Dixit. It ended up being the only game we played, it was so much fun. It's a little like Apples to Apples but with really surreal pictures instead of words.

We were able to get out a couple of times on Saturday and Sunday for walks around our neighbourhood. The weather was warm so, we loaded Linus into the Chariot and walked to my moms where we picked Jedi up.

Jedi and Linus cozied up with a blanket and some snacks while we wandered. Jedi has always been soothed by playing with and twirling hair. I remember putting him down for naps when he was a little bub and he would not be able to fall asleep unless he was able to play with my hair. While we were out for a walk I noticed Jedi twirling Linus hair. It was pretty cute. I'm surprised he didn't fall asleep.

I'm so looking forward to all of this snow melting, the pretty blooming flowers and trips to the playground. I plan on getting out for walks with Linus every single day!

We spent Saturday evening with Evan's family celebrating auntie Jo's birthday and on Sunday evening we got together with my family (including my grandparents who just arrived home from Hawaii after being gone for over 3 months) to celebrate my cousin Becca's 15th birthday!

I really enjoyed being able to spend so much time with family. Unfortunately Linus was a little cranky this Sunday. I'm pretty sure he's suffering from a cold... Sheesh, poor guy just got over that flu bug. We took him to his swimming lessons on Sunday morning before we noticed he wasn't feeling well, and while we were out, my friend Sarah came over to our house with a couple of her friends and shaved her head! I found these beautiful photos on my camera when we arrived back home.

Sarah, you are the most beautiful baldy! I'm sorry I missed the transformation.

So that was our weekend. Today will be spent nursing my baby boy back to health again. Lot's of chicken noodle soup, naps, story books and cuddles.
Hopefully this cranky boy will feel like his happy sweet self again soon!


  1. Sarah certainly still is beautiful - bald and beautiful. She is one gutsy dame! Wonderful.

    And I loved the two little guys in the Chariot!

    Love you lots and lots,

  2. ahhhhhhhhh you are so gorgeous!!

    i love your outfit!!

    allister bee blog