To Ooma's House We Go!

I'm so glad I live so close to my mom. We are just a few blocks away so it's really convenient for either of us to stop by. Linus calls my mom Ooma and is always so excited to visit. He and Jedi are really starting to play well together now. They have a blast running around the house, playing floor hockey, building forts, and making towers out of couch cushions to jump on. They don't fight nearly as much as they used to , which makes our visits a lot more enjoyable. I'm really excited for the warm up here so we can take the littles out for longer walks to the park or to grab a bite somewhere. We live in a really great location, near the University, Whyte ave, the river valley, pretty parks and the LRT so we can go downtown easily. I love it.
I'm just so thankful to be able to see Jedi and Sadie so often. They really are like siblings to Linus, which makes me feel a little better about waiting to have more babes of my own. Linus will always have them. They are so close and they love each other so much.

Here are a few pictures I took of the kiddos at my moms house this week.

The boys are Apple genius' already... Sadie prefers the piano.

I ended up babysitting for a bit while my mom ran out to buy a few groceries. Sadie fell asleep in my arms right away and slept the whole time. She's such an easy baby! I've never had a problem watching her. She's always so happy to just sit and play or eat a Baby Mum Mum. Linus and Jedi went bonkers together in the basement. My mom set up a really wonderful play room in my old bedroom down there. It's light and lovey so we don't mind spending a lot of time in there and it's filled with tons of awesome toys. A bunch of them are ones I used to play with when I was a little shmoop. All my matchbox cars, stuffed animals, books, my keyboard and a few really awesome Fisher Price toys like this house. I used to play with it all the time. I think it originally belonged to my mom when she was little. So glad she kept it.

I was so happy when Sadie woke up. I just love her cuddles. She often wakes up and just lays there babbling to herself for a while until someone comes in. It's adorable. I love catching her in those moments.

Oh, I'm so lucky to have these little shmoops in my life.

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