Spring Colours Week- Green!

I have to share this beautiful drawing and the pencils they were drawn with by The Fabled Needle . I found it via Poppytalk. Isn't it lovely?Poppytalk is hosting another Colours Week and I am once again participating. Yesterday was green- my favorite! There are so many beautiful photos posted right now. I just love this little challenge. It's so fun trying to quickly take photos of each colour throughout the day. I didn't realize it was happening until yesterday evening, so I rushed around the house taking photos of anything I could find. It was too late for me to add them to the flickr pool though...
I think it will be a little easier now that it's Spring. Pretty colours are everywhere and I won't be hibernating at home, forced to use things around the house...
Below are a few of the photos I took.

Today is yellow. Ready...GO!

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