Smurf House & Fabric Necklaces

I woke up this morning to sore tonsils and flurries... Really? Really?! How can this be!? I was so looking forward to waking up feeling refreshed, healthy and ready to take on the day. Silly me, thinking Winter was over for us Edmontonians. Looks like Linus and I will be spending most of our day at home. Linus played with his little smurf house this morning while I whipped up a few new necklaces! I'm really pleased with these pretty fabric ones. They look quite a bit larger in the pictures than they actually are, so I'll have to take a few more photos to show the true size before I list them in the shop. I'm hoping to have these and a few more pretty necklaces listed this weekend. But, for now I think I'm just going to lay down next to Linus for a little nap. I'll dream of Spring...
Have a cozy day.


  1. Oh those necklaces are so fantastic! I just love them.
    Also, I love the smurfs and their house, and wish that I had that and some of those necklaces!

  2. Those fabric necklaces are stunning! LOVE!

    I just stumbled upon your pretty blog and am so glad I did. :)


  3. Thank you! I am just setting up the listings in my shop now:)

  4. Wow- Your necklaces are gorgeous! You are very talented :)

    -Megan K.