Simple Pleasures

 Just a few things around here that are bringing me joy. Many simple pleasures.

•My childhood friend and talented photojournalist Ben Nelms recently introduced me to the work of photographer Christopher Anderson. I've been swooning over his book project entitled 'Son'. So beautiful and inspiring.
•My pretty new stamp from NoteTrunk. I'll be using it on my fabric backed business cards from now on.
• All the lovely fabric I have to choose from!
• Fresh and sweet strawberries. My boy has been asking for them everyday. I'm so glad he enjoys eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables. How did I get so lucky?
•My tulips and daffodils are finally beginning to sprout! It's magical and it makes me jump for joy whenever I'm outside. My neighbors must think I've lost my marbles...•I'm really enjoying Tina Fey's new book Bossypants. I keep thinking back to various quotes and start giggling quietly to myself. My family probably thinks I've lost my marbles too...•Finding Linus' toys set up in the corners of our home. •This lovable shmoo.

•And this video makes me oh so happy. The colors... The movement... The music...the faces! Enjoy.


  1. Is your son wearing a Beatles t-shirt in that photo ? haha...sweet!

  2. Yep! That's my boy. He loves the Beatles.