Sick Day

Evan and I have come down with the nasty bug Linus had. We've been curled up in bed all day...
Evan's mom came over to watch Linus for a bit while we napped and he ended up going home with her. I miss him so much. He's never been away from us over night except for on the night of our wedding. I know he is having so much fun with his grandparents though and I'm so very thankful we have them. We just feel so achy and miserable it's difficult for us to even sit up let alone properly take care of Linus... It's truly heartbreaking to know that this is how my baby boy felt a few days ago. Thank goodness he got sick at night when he was tired enough to sleep through most of it. Oh I miss him terribly. Evan is sleeping away beside me now. Hopefully a good sleep is all we need.
It's 10pm and this is the first time I've felt okay enough to open my lap top and snack a little bit.
I just checked the Poppytalk blog and.... Hooray! She chose one of my photos again! It was the yellow honeycomb water colour painting, and such a lovely surprise. Tomorrow is pink and I'm not sure if I'll feel able to participate.
Oh I just want us to wake up feeling bright eyed, bushy tailed and in the pink!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better today - love you lots,