Right Now...

right now, I am...
marveling at my sleeping baby boy who will be turning two next month!
recovering from a week with Strep Throat.
• feeling healthy again. Thank you penicillin!
listening to birds chirping outside my window....hmm, or is that our mouse?
• revisiting our wedding through the beautiful photos taken by Melia of Lucida Photography.
• plotting our Summer garden, all while sitting by the fire and sipping warm tea...
• finishing a piece of toast with cinnamon spread before my mooch of a child wakes up.
• stopping myself from checking out what's new at Anthropologie.com
• noticing that Linus has lined up most of his stuffed animals in the front window. I think he wanted to show them all the snow...
• watching my plants come back to life after I finally remembered to water them.
• rejoicing over the long term forecast. We will see Spring!
• seeing stacks of pretty vintage fabric waiting to be made into a reversable circle skirt!
• enjoying my friend Cori's blog. She makes me smile.
• wondering who killed Rosie Larson. I watched the latest episode of The Killing last night...
• wanting to go on a date with my husby.
listing a few new necklaces in the shop.
• looking forward to my pottery class next week.
• loving all the new music I've loaded onto my iphone.
• thinking I should go to a yoga class soon.
• making quiche.
• hoping that Linus wakes up from his nap feeling happy and rejuvenated... and that he's in the mood for quiche.
• wishing you a warm and restful weekend!
(inspired by Soulemama)

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  1. I love reading your blog :) btw what's a quiche?