A Lovely Easter!

Our boy is still sick so we decided not to go to Vancouver this weekend... The thought of taking a stuffed up, fevering, uncomfortable almost two year old on a plane, who would then likely get my family in Vancouver sick too, was enough for us to cancel the trip and un-pack our bags. We're hoping my dad, step mom and baby brothers decide to visit us here in Edmonton this May for Linus' birthday. Linus was really looking forward to playing with them this weekend. They were going to have a wonderful backyard Easter egg hunt and the weather is supposed to be beautiful in Vancouver right now. We think we made the right decision by not going though. Our boy just needed to rest up here at home and fight off this nasty sickness. He's had a rough weekend, but things are looking up. He had a pretty good sleep last night, he's eating more and he's able to goof around and play quite a bit. He had a pretty fantastic morning yesterday. The Easter Bunny wasn't confused by our change of plans. Linus woke up to a "big mess". A trail of wooden eggs, chocolate, and egg shaped bouncy balls led through the house and into the living room where a super soft stuffed bunny waited next to a package of egg shaped sidewalk chalk! Oh, happy day! Evan and I didn't know whether Linus would get into the hunt or not because of how he's been feeling, but he ended up loving it! He grabbed his little blue bunny basket and excitedly placed each goody inside until it was just "too full. Oh my goodness!". He acted surprised by every egg that he found. Twas adorable.
We enjoyed home made cinnamon buns from Evan's mom for breakfast with fresh strawberries, coffee and chocolate milk for Linus. We won't be having Easter dinner with my family until tonight so we spent the rest of the day yesterday cuddling our sick boy, cleaning, and playing outside with our new sidewalk chalk. I noticed that I have quite a few tulips sprouting now! We also went for a little walk through our neighborhood and around the University. We stopped at a little cafe for some gelato. Evan got a cannoli. It was pretty great!
These guys make my world go round...

Since deciding not to go to Vancouver this weekend, we thought we should use some of our time to work on a massive home organization extravaganza. It took forever and I was so happy to finally get through everything so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Things have come along nicely and we're starting to feel on top of it all. Once we're finished with the upstairs we're hoping to tackle the dreaded basement... I'm scared. I managed to do a bit of organizing and cleaning down there last night, but boy oh boy do we have a lot of work to do if we want to make it into a livable space. I really do need the space, so off to work we go!


  1. lovely, your photos always have so much light in them. So pretty.

  2. Awe I'm sorry Linus is still sick, but I am happy he was well enough to enjoy Easter! And I agree, your photos are wonderfullll

    btw the way you describe food makes me want something to eat!! I haven't had cannoli in years!