Bed Head

I love Linus' messy doo after he wakes up from a nap. That moment when he sits right up all sleepy eyed and rosy cheeked, with his hair flipped and swirled in 20 different directions... It get's me everytime and I just can't help myself- he's soo kissable and cuddly! He hates when I try to brush his hair before we head out, so I usually just let it be. Maybe he's just trying to keep up with his cool uncle Jedi. Jedi has a permanent twist in his hair now that sticks out from his head because he's always twirling it with his fingers. It's absolutely adorable. Sadie is the only one that can manage to tame her tresses. Well, except for those three extra long hairs that always seem to float out on the right side of her head...


  1. Hahaha his bed head is so adorable! :) !

  2. He seems to have inherited his bed hair from his Gramma Goo.