Linus' artwork and the work of Heather Smith Jones made me want to break out my own watercolours this morning.
Linus helped by painting his forehead. It brings out his eyes.
Below is what I made... I may have dipped the paint brush in my coffee cup more than once. I think maybe I need to practice.

While Linus and I were painting, a package got delivered to my door. It was my purchase from Room6.com. Yippee! Those girls did a lovely job packaging up my purchases. Just look at how pretty it is! Linus was excited about the lolly.
These are a few things I bought. The rest are gifts and will be kept secret...


  1. Oh my - the paintings are lovely - you may indeed have to make one for me... and you could also get a large roll of paper and paint your own wrapping paper... I bet I am not the only one that would love an original! And Linus is indeed talented too..who would have thought he could pick the right colors to bring out his lovely eye shades! Your purchases are lovely as well... Love you, GG

  2. Your paintings are wonderful! I love the colour combos!