Spring Cleaning!

Oh, how I love spending time with my husband... During the week he wakes up way earlier than Linus and I so he can get to work on time. He's always super quiet and very considerate, but sometimes I wish he would wake me up so I could spend a little bit of the morning with him. That's something I really love about the weekend. I love being able to enjoy breakfast, go for a walk, and play with Linus together. I'm so looking forward to summer time picnics in the park, walks to the downtown farmers market, backyard shin-digs and visits to the playground with Linus! I'm just so unbelievably lucky to have these guys. I love spending my days with them. They make my world go round.
Last night, after we finished dinner, Evan helped me organize and clean the kitchen. We were on such a roll. We cleaned out and organized the fridge, pantry, and all the cupboards. Washed every surface, scrubbed every dish! Ahhh, it feels good to get such an icky job done. We're working away on the main floor and upstairs before we tackle the dreaded basement... It's packed full of boxes, laundry that never gets done, spiders and ugly carpet. I've been wanting to make the room down there into a guest bedroom/craft room/play area... We'll see how that goes. First we need to empty it of all the boxes, rip out the carpet, paint, and put up some new blinds. Then we have our nasty bathroom to deal with. Neither of us ever go in there... It's where all the spiders live. Once that's finished, we have our laundry area... In our next house, I really hope to have a nicely lit, clean room dedicated to laundry. I feel like it would make me want to do the laundry so much more often if it wasn't in such an unpleasant, dark and dingy place. So, that's the plan... But for now I'm just going to enjoy my clean kitchen. Thanks for the help Boo. I think we need a date night soon, 'cause I love ya!


  1. Maybe this weekend for some together time, the two of you might like to clean my kitchen!! LOL...

    Your kitchen looks lovely - so warm and welcoming. It is a good thing to get your "spring cleaning" and organizing done now so that you can better enjoy the great weather on the horizon when spring truly arrives. Then you will want to spend time in your new backyard, and watching your tulips and plants come to life again.

    Love you lots, Kiss baby Linus and Sadie and Jedi for me.


  2. Thanks Gramma Goo!
    Yes, that's the plan. Your kitchen is pretty clean already. The only thing I can think of that may need a little organization is the drawer with all the straws and sippy cups... Linus opens that drawer and plays with the contents every day as soon as we get there.

  3. Not sure that drawer was ever organized. Glad it keeps him occupied! Love all your blogging lately... GG