Sharing is nice and it's nice to be nice!

I would like to share a little bit about myself in a series of random facts posts over the next few days, because sharing is nice. I thought this would be a good way for some of you to get to know me a little better. I'll also be doing a few fact posts about Linus and maybe Evan too in the future, if he lets me.
Here goes!

• I love being a mama more than anything and I look forward to having more children. • I hope to live in a pretty house with a front porch, big windows, hardwood floors, a library, two ovens and a cozy wood burning fireplace. • I want to have a backyard with a tree house, sparkling string lights, a big vegetable garden and tons of apple trees. • I want to learn how to be a better photographer.
I'll be taking classes starting in September. • I wish I had learned how to play the piano as a child. I truly love it. I don't think it's too late. • I love to travel. I've been to quite a few countries thanks to my family and I hope to do the same with my children. • Family is more important to me than anything. • I'm shy. Always have been.
• I like to collect things, but I hate clutter. I'm all about organized mess. • I spend a lot of time staring at Linus. He's just so perfect and beautiful. • I'm pretty emotional and tend to cry a lot. I try to avoid seeing sad movies in theatres. I always end up having to leave during the movie so I can go cry hysterically in the bathroom. It's embarrassing. • Evan and I have been together for nearly 7 years. We've known each other since kindergarten and my love for him grows with each passing day. • I'm really looking forward to celebrating our first anniversary in July. • I love the smell of laundry, beeswax, and gasoline... • I'm not a fan of eggplant, onions or zucchini. • Ever since visiting Brussels, I've been in love with fruity lambic beers. • My mom is my very best friend and the person I admire most. • I have a little black bird tattoo on my left foot. If I ever get another tattoo it will probably be a little plant of some sort. Maybe strawberry.
• We had strawberry plants on the tables at our wedding.• My dad lives in Vancouver and is the "Supreme Commander" of Nerdcorps Entertainment.

• I wish to live near the sea. • Biology has always fascinated me. • I think Aveda tea is the best tea in the world. • I have a hard time focusing on one project at a time. • I was an only child until the age of 18. Now I have 3 brothers and a sister! Oh, how I love them all. • Evan and I sat at a table next to Conan O'Brien in a restaurant while vacationing in Hawaii last year.
• I would love to see Sweden, Ireland and Iceland someday soon. • Evan and I love Victoria B.C. It's where we got engaged. This is the bench we were sitting on when he asked me.• I love wrapping presents. •I used my Easy Bake Oven a lot as a child. I would often hide in the bathroom and eat the cake batter.
•I launched my Etsy shop in November 2009 when my son Linus was 6 months old.
• I find the repetitive rhythm of knitting soothing and therapeutic.
• Linus sleeps in our bed at night and I love it. He's so snuggly and sweet. • I miss my pregnant belly. • I hope to have three more children •I'm looking forward to having white hair.
• I often re-arrange the furniture in my house.• I dislike super sweet drinks and country music.
• My favorite color is green.
• My favorite food is fresh, organic, and in season peaches • My favorite season is fall. I just love all the pretty colors, cozy sweaters, Halloween and chai tea.
• I don't know what my favorite animal is... • I wish I was a better cook. • I have many nicknames including Cook, Kicks, Sooksie, Schweets, Pixie/Pix... They go on and on.
• I love it when babies fart on me.
• I love to swim and I'm very good at it. • I take Halloween very seriously and put a lot of thought and effort in to my costumes.• One of my favorite things to do is snack on frozen berries while watching Planet Earth DVDs.• I took dance lessons for 16 years. I'm still a klutz. • I attend an African dance class weekly with my lovely friend Sarah. Here's a picture of her playing at our wedding.• I have wonderful friends. • I used to have a pet budgie named Adobe. He flew into the toilet while I was having a shower...• I have watched Arrested Development more times over than any other show. • I want my auntie Kerri to teach me how to crochet, again... • I never wear perfume. I prefer to smell clean, like shampoo. Although, sometimes I like to rub a couple drops of Aveda's 'Energize' essential oil on my shoulders. • Steve Martin, Johnny Depp, and Bill Murray are my favorite stars.• I wanted to grow up to become a tornado chaser... but didn't everyone?• I love to hike through the forest. • 26 (soon to be 27!) of my family members get together for Sunday dinner almost every week.
• I love how blogging has made photography a part of my daily life.
• I want the people I love to be happy and healthy more than anything.

So there you have it. Now you know a little more about me. I would love to learn a few random facts about you too.



  1. I loved this post! I feel like I know you, but just barely...so this post gave me a little insight to a more personal YOU. Thank you!

    Keep sharing! You have a beautiful family, a beautiful style, and a beautiful spirit. <3

  2. I agree - keep sharing - I am constantly impressed with your style of writing and love to read each entry and look at the fabulous photos. I feel I know you but I keep learning more all the time! I am especially looking forward to 3 more great grandchildren - more than the white hair I'll add.
    Love you lots and lots,

  3. Thank you both so much! your kind words have made my day. It was a really fun little post to do and I'm so glad it didn't bore you.

  4. Hello lady. I noticed your blog on facebook and decided to check it out. I have really enjoyed reading about you and your gorgeous family! Now that I'm a mummy I love reading about other mummies. I'm delighted to see your life is going so well.

    Sara (a fellow student in early childhood development)

  5. Hello mama!
    Thanks so much Sara. How are you finding motherhood?! My goodness you gave birth to one very adorable little bean. Is she changing before your eyes? It happens so fast. That's part of the reason why I created this blog. Just to document Linus' life and growth. I'm glad you're enjoying it.