♡ Sadie Love ♡

They're home!!!
My mom and Mike(her husband) finally came back home from Hawaii and brought my sweet babes with them. I missed Jedi and Sadie so much it hurt. Linus and I rushed over to see them as soon as they arrived back home. Jedi is such a little Hawaiian keiki! He is so tanned. His hair is so shaggy and blonde. He's already way cooler than me and he's only 3(almost). I'll have to post some cute pictures of him later this week. Today is dedicated to little Ms. Sadie Love. I'm so happy to have my model back. She's grown so much and her little face just gets more and more squishable each day. She makes my heart melt. I love her smile and how she's always chewing even when she has nothing in her mouth. She started eating baby food while she was in Hawaii and apparently she's loving it. She likes sweet potato the most and I think she started butternut squash yesterday! So that's pretty exciting.

Don't you wish you could gobble her up!?


  1. Oh the cuteness!!! I was so glad to visit yesterday and to get to hold her! She is so great! Wonderful photo shoot, Krystin!
    Auntie Kerri