Ready for Spring...

I've been a negligent blogger these days...apologies. Here are some quick updates to catch you up to speed:
*We took Linus to the museum last week.
*We've all been sick with a nasty cold and I lost my voice two days ago...
*The laundry hampers are always full.
*Linus farted on the potty last week and enjoys all the potty training stories we read to him!
*Since getting the new Martha Stewart Living magazine in the mail, I have been obsessing over Spring and planning Linus' 2nd birthday party!

*I've been buying and eating way more berries than usual because I bought these pretty porcelain berry baskets at Anthropologie a couple weeks ago.
*I'm a quiche making machine.

*All I want to do is play with this sweet boy.

But seriously, I can't stop dreaming of Spring! Okay, so I realize it was like -47 degrees last night and the snow won't be melting away any time soon, but... Spring colors, bike rides to the farmers market, picnics in the park, afternoon strolls, Easter crafts and chocolate, tulips and daffodils... These thoughts are keeping me sane.
*Images by dottie angel.

We had our yard landscaped last year just before the temperatures dropped, so we just can't wait for the snow to melt away. We have a few lovely blooming trees and I planted over 50 bulbs in the fall. I'm so anxious to see how many actually bloom into pretty little flowers. We have a beautiful new deck and outdoor furniture where I plan to eat all of our meals under pretty little lanterns, a big hammock to relax on while Linus plays, and best of all, a raised garden box where I plan to plant strawberries, gooseberries, tomatoes, peas, and as many other delicious veggies as I can fit. I also want to plant a raspberry bush. We do already have one, but it's in the alley next to the garbage cans... I think I saw a dog pee on it once.

image via Poppytalk.
With winters like these, it really does make you appreciate those few sweet Spring and Summer days. At least it's been sunny here! I love how much sun light we get in this house. It's so nice to wake up to. I've filled our house with little plants and pretty flowers to keep the cheer up while we finish off these winter months. Just because it's cold and snowy outside doesn't mean it can't be Spring inside!

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