My sweet boy.

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Linus is the funniest guy I know. He's hilarious to watch.
He likes to set up a little area in the morning with his milk, apple slices, waffle and whatever toys he wants to play with. He puts everything in a spot on the floor and adjusts it for a few minutes before he starts playing. He's really into adjusting things. Like his blankets. They have to be placed over his lap just right. It's not like he finds it frustrating, he just really likes the adjustment process. He's started playing with all his little guys. They walk around, get into cars and say "we're here!". He'll often take a little break in between playing to grab a snack. I love watching him eat. He likes to try chewing in as many different ways as possible. He'll chew really fast, then slow, then with a duck face, then with his mouth open. It's so funny.
My boy also really likes to line things up. His cars, his trains, his fisher price records , puzzle pieces and crayons... He gets upset if I mess them up unless I start singing the clean up song. He loves the clean up song and does a really great job when it comes to putting away all of his toys and cleaning up any messes he's made with his food. Such a good boy...
Lately he's been trying to trick Jedi into doing certain things. For example, he'll say, "Jedi, popcorn upstairs! A fun!" in order to get him to leave the room, or "Jedi, over der ball! A fun!", to get Jedi to give up the toy he's playing with. I think he's a genius.
He's still incredibly polite and often says "you're welcome!" immediately after doing anything for anyone. He doesn't even wait to hear "thank you" first. And if he notices another child crying, first he comes over to me to let me know their " a sad", then he wanders over to ask them, "you okay?" and gives them a kiss. Its soo schweet!
He's very sensitive to the feelings of others. He can tell immediately when Evan and I are unhappy or when we're being rude to one another. Linus will immediately tell us to "stop it!" and be nice.
I just love my boy so much. He's learning so many things every day and is constantly surprising Evan and I with the words and the songs he knows. He's very good at singing the ABC's and he still loves singing along to Lykke Li. It's amazing just how much these little ones pick up. They're listening and understanding so much more than we often realize.



  1. LOVE the video! What a sweet, smart boy. He makes me laugh lots too!

  2. Hazel really wanted to kiss Linus in the video!

  3. I love this video... encore, encore!