Little Escapes

I'm really wishing I was here. Just a sweet little escape surrounded by wildflowers. Something like Ms. Honey's house from the movie Matilda. You know the one.
As much as I love spending each and every day with my hubby and my bubby, it would be really nice to have a lovely little house...or room...or corner to escape to. A crafty space where I can make all sort of pretty things, drink tea and read a book for an hour on my own. A grown up book. Not Chicka Chicka ABC or Olivia Counts. Not to say I don't think those books are awesome, but you get the idea.

This one is pretty wonderful too.

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  1. Well - Maybe in your next home plan to have a small room, either an extra bedroom, or a den, or a room in the basement just for crafts and reading or such for yourself. Evan and you could share it if necessary, or he could have a den for himself too! You may well need a bigger house ....eventually. How is the room in the basement coming???

    Love you and your sweet dreams... (those little houses, while looking cute, don't look insulated enough to use in the winter... )