Jedi's turning 3!

Sir Gooby (aka Jedi), will be turning 3 on the 28th this month. 3!!! What a geezer! My baby brother... I truly can't believe it. I mean, I guess I can believe it because he's super smart, hilarious and as I've said before, way cooler than me, but still! I feel like I was just at the hospital holding him for the first time. He's having a train themed party. He loves trains, as does Linus, so it's sure to be pretty awesome.
Today my mom, Jedi and Sadie along with my aunt Nola and my sweet, dimply cheeked cousin Hazel came over for a little visit. I love filling my house with babies. Jedi and Linus played surprisingly well together. They had a lot of fun jumping on the bed, playing with musical instruments and going bonkers as usual. Hazel and Sadie hung out on the floor and chewed on all the baby toys I could find for them. They are just so adorable and the baby cuddles! Oh, the baby cuddles... How I love them so.

Little miss. Sadie

She's a lady...
Sweetie pie Hazel.

She's also a lady...

I actually had Jedi and Sadie over yesterday while my mom went out for a bit and I took a ton of photos. A bunch of Jedi and I did another Sadie photo shoot... But then when I went to upload my photos onto my computer, I realized I took all the pictures without a flippin' SD card. So I lost them all. I felt so stupid... I'll be very careful not to do that ever again. I was very happy to have them back today so that I could take a bunch of photos again to make up for the ones I lost.

Linus is fast asleep now. I won't be surprised if he calls for Jedi when he wakes up. He tends to do that... poor guy. Thanks mama and Nola for coming over with your cute bubs. I sure do love them.


  1. Cute! Thanks for having us over. I hope you will make a book of all the photos you take of the kids for me. Thanks ever so.

  2. Oh I have the greatest grandchildren don't I!! They are so cute... glad you shared these photos of all the wee ones.