I ♡ Etsy- My favorite purchases!

I've been on an Etsy binge as of late. I just cannot stop searching for little treasures to make apart of our home. I think I'm addicted. Why oh why can't money grow on trees? Here are a few of my very favorite Etsy finds that I just couldn't resist over the last year. They belong to me now!

This pretty custom made return address stamp by primele. This crochet granny cushion made by EmmaLamb might just be my favorite Etsy purchase of all time. I love it. It's name is Muriel. You all know my love of tree houses so of course this is no big surprise. Tree House big bin in yellow by jennarosehandmade. Mam K's aromatic play clay! We put these in the little packages we made for all the children that came to our wedding. Lavender is my favorite. These super cute bow clips from iamahunter. I just love the fabric choices they have. A small vintage globe bank by vintageatchirp. This amazing aqua blue heavy aluminum stock pot (dutch oven) from sosovintage. This vintage toy typewriter from FoundVintageStyle quickly became one of Linus' very favorite toys. This super comfortable and flattering robins egg blue dress from outofline. It's pretty much my favorite dress to wear. These adorable organic baby bloomers by GreenThreadShop. I got them for Sadie Button. This pretty cream cake plate (the bottom one) by vesselsandwares. The very one we used for our wedding cake! The young mad scientist first alphabet blocks by XylocopaDesign. These make me laugh. They are just too awesome.
A complete list of the images represented by the letters is as follows:
A - Appendages
B - Bioengineering
C - Caffeine
D - Dirigible
E - Experiment
F - Freeze ray
G - Goggles
H - Henchmen
I - Invention
J - Jargon
K - Potassium
L - Laser
M - Maniacal
N - Nanotechnology
O - Organs
P - Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q - Quantum physics
R - Robot
S - Self-experimentation
T - Tentacles
U - Underground Lair
V - Virus
W - Wrench
X - X-Ray
Y - You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow
Z - Zombies

Thanks a lot Etsy....

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