Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

Today is my baby brother Jedi's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Gooby!
Yesterday we went over to my moms for a little party with Mike's (Jedi's daddy) family. It was lots of fun. So much yummy food, an awesome train cake that my mom made and Jedi was just the sweetest birthday boy. We gave him the bongos from Linus and he was oh so thankful. Linus made him a card and while Jedi was opening it he said, "OH, Linus! Did you make me this card!? I love it! Is this from you??! Thank you!". He's such a good uncle. Today we will be heading back over for round two. A party with a few of my moms friends and their cute babes. I will be sure to bring my camera this time! Round three with my family will be on Sunday. I can't wait and I just can't believe my sweet baby Gooby is 3 already! I think there is something in my eyes... I better go.

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  1. So glad to read this lovely blog... I think I got something in my eyes too! I am so, so lucky to have the grandchildren I do - they are so, so wonderful!! Glad to talk to Jedi today if only for a brief moment - he had doctoring to do!
    Lots of love, GG