Spring Necklaces!

I have two, one of a kind, Spring themed necklaces available in the shop right now. Check them out at
My Sweet Baboo!

The Beatrix Necklace

The Tippi Necklace


Button Necklaces

I found these sweet little button charms a couple of weeks ago and I pretty much want to add them to every necklace I make. Here are two new necklaces that I've added to the shop! More to come very soon!

The Sadie Locket Necklace

The Crafter Necklace

Obviously I don't like to iron my clothes...
Speaking of buttons, look who came over to my house this morning.
I just love those little feet so much!

Life-sized Dollhouse

I have zero photos to share today because I left my camera at my moms house yesterday... But I do have some sweet pictures to post of the babes later this week ,and if I get my camera back in time, I'll be showing off 5 lovely new necklaces that will be joining the shop tonight!
Until then, check out this massive dollhouse!

Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning transformed an old abandoned farmhouse on the plains of Manitoba into a life size dollhouse. She removed the exterior walls on the backside of the house and restored and staged the rooms just as she imagined they may have appeared when the house was abandoned in 1968.


Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

Today is my baby brother Jedi's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Gooby!
Yesterday we went over to my moms for a little party with Mike's (Jedi's daddy) family. It was lots of fun. So much yummy food, an awesome train cake that my mom made and Jedi was just the sweetest birthday boy. We gave him the bongos from Linus and he was oh so thankful. Linus made him a card and while Jedi was opening it he said, "OH, Linus! Did you make me this card!? I love it! Is this from you??! Thank you!". He's such a good uncle. Today we will be heading back over for round two. A party with a few of my moms friends and their cute babes. I will be sure to bring my camera this time! Round three with my family will be on Sunday. I can't wait and I just can't believe my sweet baby Gooby is 3 already! I think there is something in my eyes... I better go.


Button Candy!

Look at what I found on Etsy... My Dream come true!
Peppermint candy buttons. I need these.

Find them at Andie Specialty Sweets.

Have a sweet weekend!xo


Off To The Beauty Parlour!

Yep, as of tonight you will be able to purchase My Sweet Baboo necklaces from The Beauty Parlour here in Edmonton. Yay! I was busy last night making cute little fabric backed tags and boxing up all the necklaces so that they would be ready to drop off today. I'm very excited.
Speaking of My Sweet Baboo, today the Etsy Alberta Street Team blog is feauturing my creative space!

This Moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. (inspired by SouleMama)



Linus' artwork and the work of Heather Smith Jones made me want to break out my own watercolours this morning.
Linus helped by painting his forehead. It brings out his eyes.
Below is what I made... I may have dipped the paint brush in my coffee cup more than once. I think maybe I need to practice.

While Linus and I were painting, a package got delivered to my door. It was my purchase from Room6.com. Yippee! Those girls did a lovely job packaging up my purchases. Just look at how pretty it is! Linus was excited about the lolly.
These are a few things I bought. The rest are gifts and will be kept secret...


I went to Costco with my mama and these kooks the other day.

Thank you mommy for the ridiculous amount of over sized food. Evan was giddy with excitement when he came home after work. He squealed and did a little dance.


Spring Cleaning!

Oh, how I love spending time with my husband... During the week he wakes up way earlier than Linus and I so he can get to work on time. He's always super quiet and very considerate, but sometimes I wish he would wake me up so I could spend a little bit of the morning with him. That's something I really love about the weekend. I love being able to enjoy breakfast, go for a walk, and play with Linus together. I'm so looking forward to summer time picnics in the park, walks to the downtown farmers market, backyard shin-digs and visits to the playground with Linus! I'm just so unbelievably lucky to have these guys. I love spending my days with them. They make my world go round.
Last night, after we finished dinner, Evan helped me organize and clean the kitchen. We were on such a roll. We cleaned out and organized the fridge, pantry, and all the cupboards. Washed every surface, scrubbed every dish! Ahhh, it feels good to get such an icky job done. We're working away on the main floor and upstairs before we tackle the dreaded basement... It's packed full of boxes, laundry that never gets done, spiders and ugly carpet. I've been wanting to make the room down there into a guest bedroom/craft room/play area... We'll see how that goes. First we need to empty it of all the boxes, rip out the carpet, paint, and put up some new blinds. Then we have our nasty bathroom to deal with. Neither of us ever go in there... It's where all the spiders live. Once that's finished, we have our laundry area... In our next house, I really hope to have a nicely lit, clean room dedicated to laundry. I feel like it would make me want to do the laundry so much more often if it wasn't in such an unpleasant, dark and dingy place. So, that's the plan... But for now I'm just going to enjoy my clean kitchen. Thanks for the help Boo. I think we need a date night soon, 'cause I love ya!