Tree Houses & Blanket Forts...

I use to love making blanket forts at my grandmas house. I would use couch cushions, laundry drying racks, chairs, boxes and all the blankets I could find. Some of the forts I made were pretty fancy, with multiple rooms! Most of the time I kept them nice and simple. I loved pretending to be a female Indiana Jones, traveling around, hiding out and setting up camp. I would always use my uncle Jonny's little turquoise owl lamp for light. It gave off the perfect glow. Linus and I built a little blanket fort on our couch today. We made it super cozy and had all his little stuffed friends come for a visit. Linus loved it and spent quite a while sitting inside, reading books and relaxing. There is something so important about having a little place to go and get away from everything. A sanctuary. A cozy little nest where you can feel safe, be alone with your thoughts, and be anything you want to be.

I also always dreamed of having a secret tree house in the woods. I could sip tea, sweep the floor and make potions. Maybe we'll build Linus a sweet little playhouse someday. With lights, a loft and window sill flower boxes!!! That would be so awesome... Until then we'll continue to build blanket forts together.

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  1. Oh how I remember with delight your blanket forts - and you as a small lovely girl who lit up my life. You came into my life at just the right time - bringing with you love and hope. And now the days of forts and little ones is starting again, anew - and I so enjoy having Linus and Sadie and all the grandchildren (including you!) in my life to brighten my days. Love you lots and lots.
    Gramma Goo

  2. Aloha. What a fantastically cozy little tent you and Linus made! I just love it! Jedi would love to get in there too. All the tents and treehouse pictures are wonderful. I didn't remember you and Evan making that one tent. Where were you? ha ha.
    Your tents are much nicer than the ones I make with Jedi.
    Love ya.

  3. love these visuals. I wish I had a tree house.