Hawaii 2011- Part 2

After our quick stay on Oahu, Linus and I hopped on a plane heading back to the big island! We stayed at my Grandparents condo in Waikoloa the first day back. The condo they have feels like a second home for us. We stayed there last November, so Linus remembers it very well and felt quite comfortable. We missed Gramma Goo and Crumpit so much, so it was really nice to be able to stay with them. The next day we made our way to the condo in Kona that my mom, Mike, Jedi, and Sadie Button are staying in. We stayed with them for the rest of the vacation. Sadie is almost 5 months old already! She's a sweet little chubby bubby who loves to play with her toes, coo and make fart noises with her mouth. I loved waking up to her and Jedi playing just outside our bedroom door. Jedi is just the most hilarious little guy. The things he says are amazing and made the vacation a whole lot funnier. Unfortunately him and Linus still don't quite get the whole sharing/no pushing thing yet, so I can't really say we had the most relaxing time... But that's okay. Jedi spent a lot of his time painting "I'm sorry pictures" for everyone. He's a sweet boy. They did have a ton of fun together at the beach, running around at the farmers market and jumping over the cracks on the sidewalk. The pictures above are of all the babes at our favorite beach. The water is calm, there is plenty of shady spots and it's hardly ever busy. They all just loved spending the day playing in the sand and splashing around in the ocean. Hardly any tears were shed and Linus only ate a couple hand fulls of sand this time. Jedi enjoyed helping me with Linus and telling him what was okay to do. Linus made up for that by yelling "Jedi! Jedi! Come back!" every time Jedi ever skipped off anywhere. They're good friends and I know the bugging will subside eventually. At least they are both very loving and gentle with Sadie.
Yep! She can sit on her own for a full 18 seconds before she folds in half.

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  1. All these fantastic photos make me wish I was in Hawaii. Oh, what a second - I am! Yay! But, they do make me wish you guys were still here too. We miss your cute faces. I love your photos and the animations are very funny. Love you like the wind! Kisses to Toops.