Fabric Backed Business Cards!

Since launching my humble little Etsy shop i've been wanting to make some really cute business cards to hand out to people I meet who are interested in such fun things. The cards had to be special though. Special enough to actually inspire someone to venture onto the interwebs and check out my shop. So, I picked through my fabric scraps, pulled out my rubber stamps and whipped these babies up! These are the first four I made and yes, they do have a few flaws, but each one I make gets better and better. Practice makes almost perfect in this case. It was super quick and easy to do. I've got a little stack going now full of pretty colours. I've been popping them into each package I send out and I'm looking forward to using them at a craft show someday hopefully soonish.


  1. these are super cute business cards..thanks for sharing it as i might need it when use these design for my own..