Tears to giggles in 5 seconds...

I can't get enough of this sweet boy. I just love him ever so much.
I also love coming up with silly ways to bring that adorable dimple out. This time all I had to do was give Majorie the duck a few belly raspberries, zerberts if you will, and then fall down and say "bonk". Yep, Linus forgot all about the fact that he ate the last banana and it was time for a nap. After the giggle fest, he cuddled up on mama's lap, we read "Snuggle Puppy" once, and he was out!
What a little sweety potato pie...

Fun fact: The word "Zerbert" was made popular by Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show.


  1. You are such a good mama!! And he is a lucky, lovely dimpled cheek boy to have you. And I am a lucky Gramma Goo to have you 3 Griffiths in my life!
    Lots and lots of kisses and love,
    Gramma Goo

  2. Did you know:
    Marjorie Duck is very special, because instead of having feathers, like most ducks, she has a handmade felt coat to keep her warm.

    Marjorie is a very sweet but easily confused little duck: sometimes she forgets her own name. Be careful to remember it, so you can whisper it in her ear and remind her!

    Marjorie never wears socks because, like other ducks, her little feet never, ever get cold – it’s impossible!

    Marjorie loves to play games, and “Duck, Duck, Goose” is her very favorite.

    Marjorie Duck loves to eat chocolate covered bananas, so if you ever have any lying around, be careful or she will snaffle them up in her pointy banana-seeking beak!

    Marjorie spent almost a whole year inside her egg and now she much prefers large open spaces and the great outdoors. Be careful not to leave her in too small a space or she might get into a flap!

    Marjorie loves origami and can make a perfect origami armadillo if supplied with the correct materials and a good five minutes.

    When Marjorie Duck tells a story, she is often prone to exaggeration, and will stretch her wings very wide to describe the size of a tiny ant!

    Marjorie Duck was first dreamt up by a little boy or girl, just like you, but on the other side of the world in a little village in India.