Snowy Sunday

We are living in a snow globe and it's really quite beautiful. We embraced it yesterday and took Linus out for a little toboggan ride. He really enjoyed it, but we decided to cut it short when we saw how rosy his little cheeks were getting. We'll try again this week sometime. I'll knit him a scarf before then.

Today we are going to stay home most of the day. We've got the fire place, blankets and each other to keep warm, a fridge full of delicious berries, quiche, marinating steak and I just made a delicious batch of cookies (see above photo). Linus has his toys and books, and we have our Arrested Development DVDs! We decided to start watching it over again until we can borrow Breaking Bad, please and thank-you! I'm also going to make a few more necklaces and clear away the kitchen crappity-crap before our little mouse finds it.
Here are a few pictures of my sweet boy showing off the Elmo t-shirt he picked out for himself. He's very proud of it and gets very excited to wear it as you can see.

Cori, this last picture of Linus is for you.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”~Jane Austen

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  1. Wow, that last one of Linus is a great impersination of that "home alone" gasping face, which Cori has also mastered. Hope you had a good day! See you tomorrow for tea and dancing!