Read with me... January

Happy New Year!
This year I've decided that each month I'm going to tackle a classic book that's always intimidated me. Want to join? I'm open to suggestions and how exciting would it be to look back this December and have read twelve amazing, hard books?! I think that would be something to be proud of.

my January book is...

I'm scared...


  1. I want to join you Krystin! Except January is a busy month, too busy to attempt to complete War and Peace! I will join you in February! Maybe something by Charles Dickens? Or how about a Jane Austen novel. Persuasion perhaps?

  2. Did you know the original title for "War and Peace" was "War: What Is It Good For?"

  3. Oh man...

    Yeah... I'm starting to worry I might not finish it before the end of the month! I'll give it a good try though.

    Ooh, I love the suggestions Sarah. All sounds perfect to me.

  4. Krystin,

    I just finished a book that kept referencing Tolstoy and I came away from it putting War and Peace, and Anna Karenina on my must read books. I will attempt it with you, although I may save it for Hawaii....

    I would love to read Persuasion too. Or Emma. Oh, and A Tale of Two Cities.

  5. Yes, I'm thinking about doing Persuasion next and then either A Tale of Two Cities or Great Expectations. Good good!?

  6. I must admit that War and Peace is not coming along as fast as I had hoped.
    Part of this is due to the warmer weather we've been having and wanting to get out of the house while it's bearable. But more of it is because I lost the book under the couch for awhile. It happens. Especially around here. A lot.
    Anyway, I found it and I just have to say that I found myself pretty entertained during part one, and my observation is that Tolstoy is a master of describing social awkwardness. As one who is prone to be occasionally socially awkward myself, I find these passages not only instructive but also funny.
    Also, don't you love (SPOILER ALERT) how Pierre tied a bear to the back of a police officer and threw him in the river?! What up with that? That seems like really an excessive degree of drunken revelry going on there. I kind of liked Pierre a little bit but now i'm seriously wondering about this guy...
    (*spoiler alert, if you are not already past page 300) Pierre! Seriously? I mean, come on. You had to know that it was a really bad idea to marry a girl who you didn't even really propose to, who you knew was as dumb as a doornail, who you also kind of knew was getting it on with her brother.
    Prince Andrey: will you reconcile with your wife with her fuzzy lip?! Right now he is rushing into the house as she is in the throes of childbirth. I have a bad feeling about what is probably about to happen. But way to go Princess Marya, to not agree to marry the creepy brother. You could teach Pierre a thing or two (perhaps I have that to look forward to in the next 1000 pages? hopefully! Probably not... It's starting to feel like work and I have a stack of really delicious looking books waiting for me). ...