Peachy little necklaces...

It's absolutely freezing outside and so I've been spending a lot of time at home by the fireplace, making pretty necklaces next to my sweet boy while he colors. He's been such a honey pie lately. So cuddly and polite. I took him to get his last batch of immunizations (until he starts kindergarten) earlier this week and he took it like a champ. He was just so happy to be there. He made friends with all the little babies in the waiting room. He thought being weighed and measured was hilarious, and then when it was time for the needle he didn't even pout! He simply sat on my lap and when it was over he clapped and said "I did it!". He is such a funny guy. He even said thank-you to the nurse who gave him the shot! I don't think she was very used to that. We celebrated with noodles, peas, raisins, a banana and a very long nap. Pretty exciting stuff. While the shmoo slept, I made a couple of these necklaces and got a bit of reading in. Life is good.

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