A mouse in the house!

My mom came over today with Little Miss Sadie Button and The Goobert. Linus and Jedi had a fantastic time jumping off the stairs, making music, eating noodles, and destroying my house. They didn't have as much space to play as usual because I had to block off the kitchen on account of the little mouse that made a home under our fridge and all the traps we have set up to catch the little bugger. I use to think mice were super cute until I did a little research on hantavirus and had to clean up a ton of little poops! I don't think the traps we bought work very well at all. The little fella manages to eat the peanut butter right off them rarely setting them off, and when he does set one off, he doesn't even get caught! He is very smart and often comes out while Linus is napping and I'm reading. He is brown all over so I'm pretty sure he's just a little house mouse, which means no hantavirus, but we're still being extremely careful. I don't think my house has ever been as clean as it is now.
Here are a few pictures I took of Sadie today. She's real sweet and she's growing so much. I just could not stop kissing those cheeks of hers. They are so delicious. She thinks Jedi is hilarious and was giggling and cooing while he tried to copy her. Linus loves having her over. He is so funny with her because he talks to her with a higher pitch voice than normal, and he's very gentle with her. He always tries to put her soother in her mouth and it never ends well. He's just trying to help.

Now I'm just enjoying a Früli and about to make a few necklaces while Linus naps. I'll be listing some very lovely necklaces in the near future so don't forget to check the shop! Also, we've turned Linus' crib, that he never sleeps in, into a big boy bed. He's already napped in it twice! I'm thinking it will be a harder transition for me to get him sleeping in it at night than for him. I'll be posting a bunch of pictures of my sweet boy in the next few days as well. He is just getting so big so fast!


  1. OMG! That Button is too cute! Great pics Cooksie.

  2. That little Sadie is so cute – and turning into her own little person, not just a carbon copy of her brother!

  3. Love that Button and the quilt! Is the mouse caught yet? Give the kids a kiss from Gramma Goo.