It's my birthday!

I had such a fantastic day yesterday. I posted the Silver & Gold photos for the last day of colour week. It was such a fun challenge and I feel pretty good with the outcome. My mom, Jedi and Sadie Button came over for a visit, lunch and a Sadie Button photo-shoot of course. Linus went down for his nap with no fuss at all and I was able to have a shower all by myself! I haven't showered without Linus for months now... I just always have too many other things I need to do while he's napping. So I finally got to shave my legs, use a sugar scrub, paint my toe nails, and curl my hair. I felt oh so pretty! I also received some really amazing new jewelry supplies in the mail and was quickly able to make myself a lovely new necklace to wear to dinner this evening with my Boo. Linus woke up from his nap so happy, we cuddled, munched on an apple, and I got a call from Gravity Pope letting me know that my Fiorentini & Baker boots are in and ready to pick up. An early birthday present from my Dad and Hemsa! They are beautiful... While I was out picking up the boots, Linus and I ran a few quick errands and made it home just in time to greet Auntie Jo. She came over to hang with Linus while Evan and I went out for a fantastic birthday dinner at Cafe de Ville. We had a lovely time, ate way too much, enjoyed a little champagne (22 on the 22nd!) and then we ate some more.
We came home to our sweet shmoo who had so much fun with Auntie Jo Jo! We cuddled up together to watch a bit of Breaking Bad and I quickly checked the Poppytalk blog to see the photos that were chosen... Hoorah! Poppytalk picked one of my photos as one of her favorites for the final day of Colour week!!! I'm so excited and surprised. This is the photo she chose. You can see it on her blog here.It's my 22nd birthday today and it sounds like this is going to be a very fun filled weekend spent with friends and family. I've been looking forward to my Champagne birthday for such a long time now. I remember as a child thinking about what it would be like. I really wouldn't have it any other way!
I'm feeling pretty lucky right now.


  1. Cute Sadie!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Congratulations on being chosen on Poppytalk! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Krystin... have a wonderful weekend of celebrating. Love the new photos of my littlest granddaughter - she certainly is a winner! Love you too!!
    Gramma Goo