I love Sunday. We usually spend it relaxing at home. Doing laundry, drinking coffee, playing with our little shmoo and then we head to my grandparents house for family dinner (unless their in Hawaii, but even then we get together for birthday parties almost every second week!). It's really quite wonderful and I feel so lucky to have such a close family.
The mister had to work yesterday so Linus and were left to hang out. We danced around to some of mama's music, Linus helped me sort and fold the clean laundry and unload the dishwasher! He is very helpful... While Linus napped (for nearly 3 1/2 hours!) I sewed a few business cards for My Sweet baboo (I'll post about them soon), swiffered the floors, blogged and enjoyed a delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows. I just love when the marshmallows start to melt and you get that scummy layer on the top. Soooo good!

While I sipped my hot cocoa I snooped through the newly listed houses for sale in Edmonton on mls.ca. I came across this beautiful house in our area. Isn't it absolutely lovely and charming and perfect! It has a wrap around porch for pumpkins and afternoon tea, a claw foot tub for bubbly baths, pretty glass door knobs, hardwood floors of course, and it's been recently renovated!
It just needs some prettier paint colours, much less ugly furniture, a garden, and a lovely young married couple with a cute little boy named Linus to make it a home. Don't you think so?
Yes, I realize that we only just settled into the house we have now, and we do love it. The yard we have now is much nicer than the one that this house has, but seriously! Look at this house. It's like a dream...


In A Nutshell Necklace

Okay so this has got to be one of the most adorbale necklaces ever! It's a little bronze acorn that opens up for you to keep something tiny and special inside. Like a fairy!? I only have a few of these for sale because I had to keep one for myself and I had to give one to my mom as well... so if you love it, make sure you snatch it up before they sell out! I'll be posting the listing for this nutty little necklace over at My Sweet Baboo later today.

Time to pack!

Today I am packing my suitcase for Hawaii and making corn chowder. I was inspired by my auntie Nola. She made some the other day and passed the recipe on to me. She also made some yummy bread to go with it, but I'll just cheat and pick some up instead. Wish me luck.

It's been a long few days for me. We have yet to catch our mouse and trying to keep the place crumb free with a 20 month old around isn't easy. We finally gave in and bought the mouse poison, so hopefully it works and we won't have to worry about the mouse crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night. It hasn't happened yet, but it keeps me awake thinking about it...I had a bit of a melt down yesterday. I haven't had one in a while but sometimes even mama's need a good cry. I think I'm just overwhelmed and feeling uninspired. The mister has been super busy with work and doesn't get home until around 7:30 or 8:00 each night, Linus and Jedi have been fighting almost every time they see each other, I haven't had hardly any time to myself or to work on any of the things I enjoy, I'm soo sick of winter and I just want to be able to go for long walks everyday without it being so bloody cold. Walking is what kept me sane during the first few months of parenthood. When Evan was finishing up his degree, we were getting zero sleep, and Linus would be balling, I would just pop him in the stroller, grab my headphones and walk all day with him. The fresh air and being rocked by the stroller almost always calmed him down and I loved stopping for tea at Steeps while Linus had his milky. I hope the next baby we have is born during the Spring so I can do that again. I have my African dance class tomorrow night and I plan on going to yoga a few times this week too, so I'm thinking that and some corn chowder should help a bit. Linus and I will be heading to Hawaii on Thursday to vacation with my family. I wish Evan could come but he's starting his new job during that time, so it's bittersweet. Linus and I will have a wonderful time though. I can't wait to sip delicious Kona coffee on the lanai each morning, swim in the warm Hawaiian ocean and watch Linus play naked in the sand. I hope to come back feeling refreshed, inspired, and with more time to spend with my husband! I'm pretty sure his new job will have much better hours.

thanks for listening. XO.


It's my birthday!

I had such a fantastic day yesterday. I posted the Silver & Gold photos for the last day of colour week. It was such a fun challenge and I feel pretty good with the outcome. My mom, Jedi and Sadie Button came over for a visit, lunch and a Sadie Button photo-shoot of course. Linus went down for his nap with no fuss at all and I was able to have a shower all by myself! I haven't showered without Linus for months now... I just always have too many other things I need to do while he's napping. So I finally got to shave my legs, use a sugar scrub, paint my toe nails, and curl my hair. I felt oh so pretty! I also received some really amazing new jewelry supplies in the mail and was quickly able to make myself a lovely new necklace to wear to dinner this evening with my Boo. Linus woke up from his nap so happy, we cuddled, munched on an apple, and I got a call from Gravity Pope letting me know that my Fiorentini & Baker boots are in and ready to pick up. An early birthday present from my Dad and Hemsa! They are beautiful... While I was out picking up the boots, Linus and I ran a few quick errands and made it home just in time to greet Auntie Jo. She came over to hang with Linus while Evan and I went out for a fantastic birthday dinner at Cafe de Ville. We had a lovely time, ate way too much, enjoyed a little champagne (22 on the 22nd!) and then we ate some more.
We came home to our sweet shmoo who had so much fun with Auntie Jo Jo! We cuddled up together to watch a bit of Breaking Bad and I quickly checked the Poppytalk blog to see the photos that were chosen... Hoorah! Poppytalk picked one of my photos as one of her favorites for the final day of Colour week!!! I'm so excited and surprised. This is the photo she chose. You can see it on her blog here.It's my 22nd birthday today and it sounds like this is going to be a very fun filled weekend spent with friends and family. I've been looking forward to my Champagne birthday for such a long time now. I remember as a child thinking about what it would be like. I really wouldn't have it any other way!
I'm feeling pretty lucky right now.

Paper Cuts...

First of all, I have to share this cute couple I found while blog surfing. I'm pretty sure it's Evan and I. I even have the green coat!

Okay, now here is what I really want to show you...

French artist Anastassia Elias uses toilet paper rolls to create art. She chooses paper to match the color of the roll to give it a seamless look and creates the most intricate silhouettes with just a pair of scissors, tweezers, and glue. The time, detail, and thought that goes into each magical piece is outstanding.



Tomorrow is the last day of Poppytalks Colours Week. Silver & Gold!