There are only 7 sleeps til Christmas. 1 week!
This week will be filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, Peppermint mocha's, striped pajamas, pretty holiday dresses, a gingerbread house, and last minute shopping for the man in my life, and probably the one in yours... I'm just sayin'!
Also, I really hope to receive one of these little guys in the mail this week. I won't get my hopes up, but maybe next year!? The worlds smallest and most adorable package by Leafcutter Designs! A brown paper package tied up with string of any size is one of my favorite things, you know. I do also have a weakness for itty bitty things. You can tell by the necklaces I've made. I have boxes filled with dollhouse miniatures, tiny glass bottles, mini thread spools, a wee little Cream of Wheat box, a can of SPAM that's the size of your finger nail! I really wish I had one of these sweet little gingerbread houses to add to my collection. Or this amazing cake preparation board by SarahMaloney on Etsy.
While I was in Hawaii this year I found these two tiny silver spoon pins at an antique shop. They are only a couple of inches long. When I got back home I searched some of the antique malls here and found a couple more. I've kept one for myself that I wear all the time, but I'm going to list a few in my shop very soon too. Here are the first two I found.

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